L’Orri is a learning community grounded in nature, where you can share collective experiences, integrate ecological awareness, develop individuality, and educate new professionals for social and ecological action L’Orri offers courses, masterclasses, and trainings focused on ecology and self-knowledge.
L’Orri is a catalyst in the transformation of humanity, sharing consciousness between people in order to integrate body, heart, mind, nature, and spirit.

Our essence



We incorporate the wisdom of nature into experiential and practical learning, in direct interaction with plants, animals, silence, and the mountains. Nature is our essence and our personal equilibrium depends on it.


Learning is a social activity and for us the group is a laboratory for growth. Community helps us overcome unnecessary limits, gives us security and well-being, all essential ingredients for learning. With the group we learn to relate, to create, the feeling of belonging, and commitment.


We welcome the seeker in the path of knowledge, promoting all individual potential. We help to enhance the best of us for collaboration and an effective daily life of solidarity.


Creation is complexity, and thought is linked to the body, heart and soul. With an open reading of reality we erase the boundaries between the humanities and the sciences. We rigorously combine psycho-spiritual work with academic knowledge and scientific methodology.


We teach healthy relational references, indispensable for cooperation, leadership, creation of projects, and working environments with social and family members.
A way of life that helps to guide the society of tomorrow and guide the evolution of each personal project.


We educate ourselves for action and learn by doing. Courses and trainings include experimentation and the practices of acquiring relational methodology and improving the environment. Practical learning includes experience, information, questioning, hypothesis, experimentation, and feedback.


what we do

Discover l’Orri



The idea for the project started in 1999, and in 2000 the Pyrenees Sustainable Development Center was created. In 2004, self-awareness workshops in nature and a working group for the creation of a specialized center on ecological awareness were started. In 2012, Ferran Pauné, passionate about nature and human development, purchased an old farm and started an architectural project, purchasing and using locally available natural building materials. In 2018, the Cooperativa Compartint Consciència with Feliu Funollet, professor of nature sports, was founded, with the aim of promoting the works as well as a greater diversity of courses. With the help of new partners, construction is projected to begin in 2021.


Located within 1.5 hectares of meadows and upon a hill where the mountains and valleys converge, the Orri has a stunning natural viewpoint. Surrounded by 360º of mountains, its beauty welcomes visitors coming for a weekend, a week or more to learn, grow and build the future.
The center is located in the Vall de Ribes, where the Pyrenees mountain range houses monasteries that were an important cultural center of medieval Europe. Nestled between natural parks and secular rural centers, its beauty is inspiring. At 115 km from Barcelona it is directly connected by train. The space provides access from this cosmopolitan and dynamic city and facilitates the exchange of international students and experts.

El centre és situat a la Vall de Ribes, on la serralada dels Pirineus acull monestirs que foren un important centre cultural de l’Europa medieval. Ubicat entre parcs naturals i nuclis rurals seculars, la seva bellesa és inspiradora. A 115 Km de Barcelona, i comunicat directament per tren, l’espai permet un accés directe des d’aquesta cosmopolita i dinàmica ciutat i facilita els intercanvis d’estudiants i experts internacionals.

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