Sergi Cutillas


Sergi Cutillas is economist. He has worked in the banking sector and in the field of economic policy consulting. He is the co-founder of Ekona, Innovation Economics Center, and collaborates with the Pyrenean consciousness centre. Its vocation has been to gain an understanding of the functioning of the systems that are most important for the organization of our lives, especially economic and psychological systems, with the aim of subsequently contributing to the creation of healthier patterns in human relationships at large. and small scale.

For years, a financial justice activist, she’s specialized in debt, asking her about power and dominance-based economic relations. It has come to the conviction that a healthy and just society cannot be based on power-based economic relations. He has taken courses at the School of Psico-body Integration Therapy (ETIP), where he has become aware of the importance of respecting human instinctive needs, especially those related to affective bonding, for good physical health. and mental, and therefore for a healthy society. He is currently continuing his therapeutic training at the School of Psico-body Nucleus-Movement Therapy. Interested in the relationship between economics, psychology and biology, he wants to share his knowledge with students, so that they can achieve greater awareness and physical and emotional health, and can also contribute to better society and the care of the environment.

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