Why l'Orri?

The human root of the environmental crisis brings us to work on the only lasting solution: to integrate the three relationships with oneself, others and nature, thus to heal and act with real sustainability.

Our focus is on helping the transition to a new paradigm where everything is interconnected. Not only from the theoretical-philosophical point of view, but also from a personal human expression. The paradigm shift is a transformation of consciousness.

The International Assembly of Scientists “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” notes a failure of humanity to solve environmental challenges and the urgency of safeguarding the biosphere, and considers it imperative to re-examine and modify our individual behaviors.

You can consult the manifesto signed by 21,000 scientists from 184 countries.

Citizens’ individual actions are more effective for mitigation than government recommendations, it has been scientifically proven.

Our model

At CCP we integrate the three relational planes of the individual with knowledge. That is, the relationship with oneself, with others and with nature, in order to establish healthy relationships and act towards real sustainability. Deep human work, integrated into scientific and spiritual knowledge, completes vocational training for ethical action, in favor of life, in a world that urgently requires social and ecological responsibility.

The training model of the CCP is based on a work of self-awareness, through Psychocorporal Integration and self-realization techniques. . It is complemented by elements of knowledge and action, essential for the new sustainable paradigm, from ecology to economics.

Psycho-corporal integration is a psychotherapeutic system created and structured by Marc Costa i Seguí, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. The historical background goes back to the dynamic approaches of Sigmund Freud and the characteristic and energetic vision of Wilhelm Reich, the indispensable reference for the psycho-corporal therapies of deep character. The Center’s basic team has been trained at the School of Psycho-corporal Integration Therapy

The pedagogical method is based on systemic-ecological biology. It is based on an involved human relationship, a cognitive elaboration of the link with nature, and the search for synchronous, responsible, and respectful behavior. The goal is to create new positive records of interpersonal and environmental relationships, aiding human development for individuals and for socio-environmental transformation.

The CCP training model guarantees personal growth and support throughout the training itinerary that articulates true group work as a whole in the learning community.

Why do we offer deep work?

Any deep work, both psychological and spiritual, allows the individual to achieve beneficial and consistent changes in his or her life and expression in the world, in the workplace, social, and family spheres. From the CCP we consider it essential to accompany the deep psychological work of the participants. Unlike the East, or in the East with spiritual traditions practiced daily, in the West, or the West the complexity and challenges of today’s life need to complement spiritual and psychological work.

The training process fosters the rigor, communication, empathy and teamwork skills needed by the increasingly essential multidisciplinary teams and democratic governance that many professions require. On a personal level, it promotes ethics, self-confidence, assertiveness, commitment, empathy, respect for others and cooperation.

International dimension

With a desire to innovate and improve, CCP considers international exchange programs essential.

Social and territorial commitment

To this end, it will collaborate with centers internationally with similar teaching programs. The CCP is committed to the economic and social development of the territory and the country.