Dream Workshop, the Malaysian Senoi

Residential weekend to recover dreamlike languages as a transformative tool for the process of personal-life growth. We will work from the perspective of psycho-body integration therapy and the ethereal social vision of the Senoi tribe of Malaysia.

This is an experiential workshop where the path will be shown and the resources will be given so as to enter a dream in a conscious and sensible way, first through individual work to learn how to decipher, analyze and feel the secret codes of the dreamlike narration of the unconscious – these refer to the conflicting knots of our personality and our instinctive, emotional, cognitive, and relational capacities. In the second stage of the workshop, we will feel the support and shelter of the group that will help and enhance the resolutive-transformative-evolutionary process of both the person-individual and the group.


  • From a respectful accompaniment of the rhythm of the people and group.
  • From non-interpretation by the therapists to foster the capacity for self-analysis and deeply felt awareness of the participants (awareness of armor-defenses, internal and relational conflicts, biographical aspects that condition us and our capabilities).
  • We will include work on sensory perception and body awareness, individual proposals and group dynamics.


Health and education professionals, creative individuals, artists, participants in their individual processes, and anyone interested in entering into personal self-knowledge.

Note: You can work with both recent and old dreams, as well as with images that arise spontaneously in the waking state.





Orri – Campelles, Ripollès






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