Self – knowledge in nature

2 days of personal growth in contact with nature.

Why? The ecological crisis is rooted in human behavior. Human beings are part of the ecosystem. We will connect with the awareness of nature to incorporate it into our inner self. We will learn to move in nature as part of it, and ecological awareness will guide us home: inner peace, empathy, caring and action.


  • Dig deeper into our inner world, in connection with our potentials of perception, intuition, strength, happiness, and intelligence. Learn to live in love, with energy and awareness.
  • Approach each reality with an honest expression, accompany each other in the process of life and support each other through the creation of bonds of trust.
  • Open ourselves up to new possibilities for living and relating to the world.
  • Become aware that we are nature, learn to live in communion with her and forge a new humanity in harmony with Earth.


Workshop from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon in rural accommodations, with vegetarian cuisine.

  • A therapeutic space for life, the perceptual senses, and corporal expression.
  • Relational dynamics: Will we elaborate communication skills in order to see, feel, perceive, and understand each other… in order to build a positive affective bond. We will elaborate the identity of each individual from solidarity and respect.
  • Practice body work with free dance, energy mobilization, Hatha-Yoga and relaxation.
  • Meditative techniques: Dynamic and static meditation, and Focus in Silence.
  • Breathing: connection of the individual with the world. Conscious breathing and its benefits via various techniques.
  • Nature Practices: Meditation, Silence walks, Contact with the elements, Awareness, Conscious listening, essentially encountering ourselves through nature.
  • Principles of ecology, evolutionary theories from competition to organismic cooperation, Global Change, and other aspects of the new scientific paradigm.


Anyone who feels the need to contribute to the needed ecological transition, to reconnect with their essence, with life and nature. Also, for people who want to explore their identity and/or solve aspects of their lives. People interested in their own process of self-awareness and personal transformation. Professionals in education, human relations, business, politics, the environment, or nature.


    Campelles, Ripollès





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