Training in Human Ecology

This training is based on our environmental emergency, offering personal, group, and professional tools to actively participate in the needed ecological transition.

These training courses are designed in conjunction with an international team of interdisciplinary experts. They will be offered beginning in 2021.

The training delves into the key aspects of climate crises and biodiversity. The material and information are worked into groups with active, participative, and contemplative methods of psychotherapy.

At the end of the training you will have acquired the knowledge necessary for a rigorous and critical analysis of environmental and attendant social problems, so as to address them in your daily and professional lives. You will have learned and practiced the methodologies of psychocorporal integration, meditation, and integral yoga, in order to have the skills of managing human relations, groups, networking and democratic governance. And you will have begun to feel, think, and design how to apply what you have learned to your work environment and your personal life












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