Ferran Pauné

E-mail: ferran@lorri.org

Ferran Pauné és Ecòleg i Enginyer Agrícola especialitzat en socioecologia. Ha treballat al Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques (CSIC) i col·labora amb diverses universitats. És el fundador del Centre de Consciència dels Pirineus, entre altres iniciatives d’ecologia i consciència ecològica. La seva passió és la natura i la muntanya, i la seva vocació transmetre a la humanitat l’amor i el respecte per la natura.

He has dedicated himself to self-realization from a deep spiritual calling and as a basis for transmitting something good and consistent to others. As environmental activist and naturalist since childhood, he has learned the interdependence of man and nature from his teachers at the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (CSIC), and the importance of human relationships as a basis for healing at the School of Psico-body Integration Therapy (ETIP), where it has been trained. Since 1997 he has researched in Psicology of the Self-realisation (Antoni Blay), Integrative therapy (Espai de Gestalt), Biodance (EBC) and Integral Yoga (FEYS), and has trained in Integrative Psicotherapy at SAT program of Claudio Naranjo. In 2001 he decided to make a Center as a benchmark for a renewed world, and in 2009, he sold his house to finance and found it, in line with his daily activities.

Interested in the relationship between science and spirituality, he offers his knowledge and love from a deep empathy with nature and students, as an aid to navigate across the change and embracing life.


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