The Center


L’Orri is a pioneering project in the development of programs and methods focused on the transmission of ecological awareness with the aim of achieving a harmonious existence between human beings, society and the planet. It offers one training that integrates deep personal learning and university disciplines, with advanced psychotherapy methodologies and cutting-edge knowledge in sciences such as ecology. Training in relational skills allows us to propose lasting changes in our everyday environment. Set in a vibrant natural environment, experiential, interdisciplinary, and practical learning prepares us to develop new personal and professional paths in a rapidly changing world.

The center is open to activities aimed at supporting the psycho-spiritual development of individuals and groups.


L’Orri is a place in the middle of the mountains for unique experiences

L’Orri is oriented towards self-development and transformational capacity

L’Orri is taking care of our environment and learning about nature

The Orri is a feeling of community and unity

For who is l’Orri?

For evolving people

Do you consider life changes? Want to make sense of your profession? Want to investigate your role in the world? Immerse yourself in the discovery or training courses within the Orri community.

For those concern about the planet

We are in a climate emergency and governments are not moving forward. You do Ready to change and reduce your carbon footprint.

For nature lovers

Can you imagine living together surrounded by nature in the middle of the Pyrenees? Sleeping in silence, waking up in the fresh air, integrating wildlife in your heart or feeling the sap of the trees? Integrate your passion for nature into your personal path.

Adventure lovers

Hiking, trekking, caving, yoga and other activities to investigate/discover, relate/communicate, and improve well-being.

For those who want to know more

At Orri we are experts in biology, ecology, economics, psychology, sports, and we provide training to expand your knowledge and specialize in the fields that interest you.

The center is built from the regeneration of an industrial livestock farm in a series of organic buildings in dialogue with the natural environment. Constructed from natural and local materials, it creates warm interior spaces that are ideal for home study and reception.

Passive solar, organic, bioclimatic and solar buildings are energy-efficient and minimize the carbon footprint in both construction and use. Wastewater creates new wetland habitats and is reused for irrigation. The landscape integration and the distribution of the equipment invite regenerative walks around.


Orri is a rustic building for storing agricultural products. In the Pyrenees it means shepherd’s hut. It is a word that reflects life in common in the summer pastures, when they were a meeting point and an exchange between people. It comes from the Latin horreum “barn”. The Center takes this word for its meanings of communion between man and nature, of coexistence, of international exchange and of reservoir of the seeds that will germinate a new future.